Richard K Ohnmacht, MD


A missed appointment greatly impacts our scheduling and our ability to provide timely patient care for a number of reasons:

*A patient who wanted that time slot was not accomodated
*A patient will be seen later in the day, rather than earlier
*Our staff and physician need to stay later in the evening to accomodate all patients

A missed appointment is not showing up or cancelling with little or no notice and will result in a fee of $25.00; three missed appointments will result in termination from the practice.

We make every effort to make reminder calls and/or emails for all routine appointments and follow-ups several days in advance.  However, it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to write down and remember your appointments.

Sick appointments made the day of or day prior will be treated the same way as routine appointments.

We value you and your child(ren) as members of our practice and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our policy